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The word 'calisthenics' comes from the Greek words 'kallos' for beauty and 'thenos' for strength.

Calisthenics is a team sport consisting of several different types of routines or disciplines. Your child, along with their team, will learn various routines, about 2 to 4 minutes in duration, with the aim of performing on stage at either a competition or concert.

Benefits of calisthenics

While the sport of calisthenics is spectacular to watch, it also has a lot to offer your child. From a very early age they will develop self-discipline, teamwork and self-esteem. Physical fitness, a healthy lifestyle, confidence and friendships are also integral to calisthenics.

Learn how calisthenics benefits your child's overall development.

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Visit the Calisthenic Association of Western Australia website to find information for new members.

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