Solo Graceful Competition

A calisthenics solo graceful routine is inspired by contemporary dance and ballet. It requires elegance, poise, strong dance technique and interpretation. It's performed to a flowing piece of music, similar to an aesthetics routine music.

Minimum age

To perform a graceful, your child must be turning 10 years of age, or older, in the year they perform. Participants compete in age groups.

Skill development

When your child participates in solo gracefuls, they will have the opportunity to practice the skills they learn at class each week, in a one-on-one environment. This will help them to refine and develop new skills. Your child will learn to interpret the music through flowing movements, with feeling and softness in their body movements and facial expressions.

Graceful Calisthenic 2019 Red dress

Points are awarded for:

  • personal presentation
  • grace and poise
  • flexibility
  • expression and interpretation
  • dance variety and technique
  • musical choice and choreography
  • execution and aesthetic value.

Graceful season

The solo graceful season runs from February to May.

Competition dates

Competitions for gracefuls are held in:

  • early April - Hills District Graceful Competition
  • May - Calisthenic Association of Western Australia (CAWA) Solo Graceful Competition.

Exact dates are available in March on the CAWA website.

Find a coach

If your child would like to participate in a graceful, you should take the initiative and approach a coach well before the season starts.

If you are unable find a coach, contact us and we will try to assist. We are keen to offer this development experience to as many of our members as possible.

Coaching costs

Gracefuls are run independently of our college. Discuss payment with your child's coach. Payment is due to your coach before competitions begin.

Training hall hire

Your child's coach will assist in the booking of an appropriate hall for training. Hall hire fees are the responsibility of parents. Often we will facilitate the booking of halls for our coaches and members and invoice parents accordingly.

If coaches hire our halls for non-members, we will invoice the coach who will in turn pass on the cost to parents.


Within our college and throughout the association, there are plenty of costumes available for hire. If you are interested in hiring a costume you must plan ahead and get in early as good costumes can go quickly. Whether hiring or purchasing a costume, your coach should be involved in the process.

For costume hire, check out the Facebook group, WA hire - calisthenic costumes.

Entry forms

Entry forms for the Hills District Graceful Competition and the CAWA Graceful Competition are available through the CAWA website. Parents are responsible for submitting their child's entry form before the closing date.

Your child's college fees need to be up to date for your child to participate.

Training expectations

Training will usually commence in January or February. However, your child's coach will let you know the training requirements and schedule.

Gracefuls are a complex item and in addition to training with their coach, your child will be expected to practice their routine at home. Your child's coach may outline specific skills for them to focus on each week and encourage you to video the routine at training to make home training more effective.

To get the full benefit of a training session, arrive between 15 to 20 minutes before your child's training start time so they can stretch and prepare.

Gracefuls and the Calisthenic Skills Program

A specific level of achievement in Calisthenic Skills is required for children who seek to participate in a solo graceful at the National Championships. For more information, speak to your child's coach and refer to our information on the Calisthenic Skills Program.