Competitions and events

juniors freearm 2022

To find competition and event dates, check out our calendar of events.

Team competitions

Our members perform at 2 inter-club team competitions between the months of July to September. These are the:

  • Betty Fitzpatrick Competition
  • Calisthenics Association of Western Australia State Championships.

Our members learn and perfect routines throughout the calisthenic season to perform at these events. They will perform 5 routines at the Betty Fitzpatrick Competition and 6 at the State Championships.

Learn about the different disciplines.

2024 competition dates

For competition dates for each age group, check our calendar of events. These will be updated on the calendar when they are announced by the Calisthenics Association of Western Australia.

To buy tickets to events, refer to the Calisthenics Association of Western Australia website.

Imperial's annual family concert

Presentations 2022Our family concert is one of the highlights of the calisthenic season for our members, volunteers, family and friends. The concert is usually held in August, between the Betty Fitzpatrick Competition and State Championships.

The concert showcases the best of each team's routines. We also acknowledge the efforts and dedication of our members, their coaches and cadets throughout the year.

During the concert we:

Opportunities for further involvement

In addition to their team commitments, we encourage all our members to participate in:

Not only are solos and duos lots of fun, they enable our members to improve their skills through one-on-one time with a qualified coach.

While primarily a team sport, your child can compete in a solo or a duo routine with their friends. Depending on your child's age and interest, they may choose to take part in 1 to 5 extra solo and duo events during the year.

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